About Me

Raised in the small town of Sonoma, California, Christine Renee Hourscht, was surrounded by Nature`s beauty. Since living only 45 miles from San Francisco, she was at an early age introduced to a more worldly culture as well.

Christine, is always excited to hop on a nearby hiking trail to visit with the trees, birds, plants and animals. She is also enchanted by the ocean, lakes, insects, sky, and fresh air. It fills her with colorful inspiration.

She is passionate about life and her artwork portrays this with whimsical movements, shapes, colors. Christine’s favorite perceptions are, “Live to Love” and “Every breath we take is precious”. Her artwork is a way to share moments in time.

Imagination and creativity started when she was just a little girl. So it made sense, that after attending a business college, she would attend art school. She began to design her collection of greeting cards called : Gold Heart Cards … “For every occasion, a card sent with Love”. Her work endeavors would need to include creativity. Her career experiences have been in make-up artistry, merchandising and retail management as well as showroom liaison, colorist and product educator in the textile industry.

She is currently writing and illustrating her first children’s book.

Heald Business College, Santa Rosa CA
Academy of Art, San Francisco CA

Nash-Patton Garden, Sonoma CA
Sonoma Valley Vintage Festival, Sonoma CA
Roche Winery, Sonoma CA
Energy, Sonoma CA
*Thank you : Anita, Mara, & Renee